Looking For A Perfect Home In The Greater Toronto Area To Raise Your Family More Comfortably?

I'll Help You Secure An Elegant Home That Satisfies Your Family's Comfort At A Bargain Within 30 Days Using My Access To Hidden Properties

If you and your family need a space to live a comfortable and fun-filled life, I'll secure your dream home for a great price using insider access to off-market properties that were "once" reserved for high-end clients and top investors

Dear home buyer, 

Whether it's a condo, townhouse, semi-detached or detached...

Finding a home where you and your family can have a comfortable and fun-filled life in the Greater Toronto Area can be stressful, overwhelming to right down impossible especially given the current market condition…

There are simply not enough options available on the market.

Property that stuck out to you seems to get snatched real fast….

Even when you’re able to make an offer, you always get outbid.

But if you read this page to the end, I promise you’ll become hopeful and confident because I’m about to show you an unconventional way, a way that most home buyers are not aware it even exists...

Which allows you to "effortlessly" secure your ideal home where you can...

  • Raise your family more comfortably and make good memories.

  • Truly own your place and being able to do decor, renos or upgrades that you've always wanted.

  • Have enough room for personal hobbies, work, or entertaining friends and loved ones.

  • Enjoy a fun-filled life in a decent area that is close to parks, restaurants, hospitals, good schools, shopping centers, and offices, with the best potential for long-term growth.

  • Connect with more like-minded families and be part of the UPSCALE community.

Believe it or not, you'll get all these at a bargain price within 30 days.

Before I go any further…

Who Am I? And Why You Should Listen To Me?

My name is Arsh Sahni. Since 2010, I’ve helped hundreds of families in the Greater Toronto Area effortlessly secure their dream homes that really provide harmonious lifestyle for a great price... by using an unconventional home-buying strategy and my WIN/WIN negotiation approach.

I also have a partner beside me...

Meet Glen Johnson. He has over 20+ years' worth of experience as a realtor + investor serving clients from buying/selling their first starter homes, multi-million dollar mansions and commercial properties. He’s a good listener and communicator, so he can understand your situation and provide you with the proper guidance to make an informed decision for the biggest purchase In your life. 

Keep Reading if...

  • You’re serious about turning your dream home into a real home for a great price...

  • You have a credit score of at least 650...

  • You want to give yourself and your family a peace of mind...

  • You only want to settle for an ideal home in the perfect neighborhood that ensures you and your family can have a comfortable and fun-filled life...

  • You’re tired of paying rent and want to build up equity that you can use to climb up the property ladder later in life...

Arsh and Glen Team can help you just like we did with hundreds of families before for 1 price only.

But first let me tell why you haven't landed your dream home yet.

It’s for the simple fact that you’ve been doing it all WRONG!

Browsing for property online or through apps…

Calling every agent you know…

Driving around and attending one open house after another….

You see, the real estate market has changed a lot since the pandemic, the demand on the open market is way too high and the odds all are against you now

In fact, I can’t recall how many families I’ve seen who were doing the traditional methods of house hunting, soon they got frustrated, tired and eventually...

  • Settled for a property "less than ideal"

  • They overpaid for a property and ended up being house poor.

  • They won a house with an unconditional offer only to be surprised by MASSIVE repair cost from “hidden” structural damage.

  • They aimlessly house hunting for 6 months, a year and some… to this day.

These days, the only way you can land a home in the Greater Toronto Area that satisfies you and your family's comfort for a great price is to snatch those desirable homes BEFORE they even hit the market.

We're talking about accessing an underground market to get the most exclusive deals before anyone else...

But you also need trusted partners who…

  • Communicate properly about the entire home buying process from the steps, rules, prices, and taxes...

  • Even informing you about the potential hidden fees or something you don’t understand...

  • Listen to your preferences, opinions, concerns etc and takes your considerations SERIOUSLY...

  • Giving you well analyzed information about the market, so you can make the right decision...

  • Act in your best interest and prevent you from making rush decision due to desperation...

In me and Glen, you’ll find the trusted partners who will be with you from the beginning to the end and let us show you…

How Our Insider Access To Off-Market Properties Can Help You Effortlessly Secure A Dream Home For Your Family to Live Comfortably At A Bargain Within 30 Days

Having access to these off-market properties is like being part of Toronto’s elite circle because these properties were once reserved for high end clients, multi millionaire investors and buyers agents who serve them.  

They AREN'T available to the masses, so you can call every agent you know and you’ll NEVER unlock these premium, silent sales and ‘agent only’ properties other than here

When you leverage our insider access, you’ll be the first to know so you can snatch any properties that stuck out to you at a bargain

With that said, here’s the strategy that me and Glen use to help you secure an elegant home that satisfies your family's comfort for a fair price within 30 days:

1. Discovering your "LPMAMA"

  • We get on a call to know what are your LPMAMA goals like Location, Price, Mortgage, willingness to work with Agents, Motivation, Appointment, so we can workout a game plan to efficiently connect you with the property that truly suits your taste and budget.

  • We also gather the information you already know or have, so we can understand better what we working with.

  • Then we can connect you to well known professionals (no obligation required) who have proven track records of getting the job done fast like:

  1. Mortgage brokers who will get you pre-approved within 24 hour (if you have a credit score of 650 and income at least 100k/year, this can be quite handy) and give you the best rate.

  1. Reputable lawyers who make sure you have a smooth closing and transferring property in your name.

  1. Handyman, in case you need to do any minor works for your new home.

  1. 2. Presenting the top candidates for your dream home

  • From the information you’ve provided to us, we scour the markets tirelessly and use every available source until we find at least 5 properties that match your criteria

  • We’ll present the benefits of each property and not just that… but also what the area, the neighborhood, the community like, the historical price rises and declines.

  • With the property you like, we’ll schedule a showing.

3. Make a winning offer and secure your dream home

  • We’ll make an offer on the property and negotiate real hard in your best interest.

  • We also prevent you from losing to the power of sale due to sense of desperation because we believe in strategy NOT emotion

  • Once the offer is accepted, we’ll go over all the contracts, words and terms, arrange inspection and all you need to do is sign the dotted line.

  • We’ll communicate with every party involved and make sure you get your keys to your new home.

4.  Bonus: 1% Cash back

Not only you’ll get keys to your new home, but we'll give you 1% cash back.

This means, you will pocket more money that you could spend on home improvements, new furnishings or even vacations.

Look At Some Of These Successful Homebuying Stories


Opeyemi Bolujoko

In every sense of the word, Arsh is an absolutely amazing, generous, powerful negotiator and knowledgeable real estate professional whom I had the pleasure of working with. Family friends who had engaged his services spoke really well of him which made me feel very confident that he would do a great job.

As a first-time home buyer, the process can be extremely overwhelming but a friendly person like Arsh will always relate with you on a personal level to ensure you constantly maintain a positive state of mind throughout the process. He will always tell you: “We will get it done” , “It is possible”. I enjoyed working with Arsh and beyond happy with the transaction. He has genuinely earned my 5-star and I would not hesitate to recommend his services for all your real estate needs!


Ankit Gupta

Arsh helped us find a beautiful house in the most structured manner yet customised to our requirements. He would share his own views as well which we highly appreciated given his experience in the GTA market (20+ years). He did not push us at all even when he had the opportunity to do so, instead always focusing on whether we are really happy or not. Highly recommended!


Odiye Rowlands

Renting a place or buying a home when you arrive in Canada without a credit history, understanding the markets, and an established network can be challenging and sometimes frustrating. It was for me, too, until family and friends recommended Arsh.

Arsh does all the heavy lifting for you. He brings his helpful insight into the Canadian property market and established relationships to help you find the right property for you - a home or an investment, whatever your needs are. Arsh is your man if you are searching for a trusted realtor!


Yeetesh Verma

Being first-time buyers, we were introduced to the home buying process by Arsh and he made us aware and helped us in every step. He understood our needs very well and has a great sense of the market trends, just the type of person you need when looking for your first home.

He set us up with the best tools for home search and organized the viewing for the properties that checked most of the boxes for us, saving us tons of time. The purchase of our home was truly a "Team" effort. We thank you and will always remember your support throughout!

I get that 80,000 realtors in the Greater Toronto Area don’t have the best reputation, but with me and Glen…

  • We’ll be fully transparent with you

  • We won’t waste your time

  • We’ll Inform you about the entire process including hidden fee or fee you don’t understand 

  • We’ll be with you from the beginning until you’re fully satisfied with your home purchase 

We have over 30 years of combined experience helping families in the Greater Toronto Area achieve their dream of homeownership and truly live the comfortable life they want.

With the insider access we have...

We’re confident and fully committed in helping you to achieve the same thing under 30 days.

If you're fully committed and serious like we are, then click the button below now to get on a call with either of us, we'll discuss your needs and goals, and go from there....

How much is it worth to you if you can…

  • Have a peace of mind knowing you secured a home for you and your family 

  • Be able to do whatever you want and make the home truly yours without "under anyone's thumb"

  • Live in a better neighborhood and connect with other growing families

  • Be able to build equity so you can secure your financial future

  • Be able to live a relaxing life that you and your family truly deserve

It’s worth a 30 min chat with me or Glen, so click the button below to get in touch with me or Glen and let us show you how we can help you effortlessly turn your dream home into a real home for a fair price within 30 days.

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