Looking To Upsize Your Lifestyle To A Bigger Home Without Delay in The Greater Toronto Area?

Sell Your Home For 5% ABOVE Market Value Using My List Of Wealthy Buyers GIVING You HUGE Bargaining Power To Secure Your Next Home

Leverage my private network of affluent buyers across Canada to sell your
current home for 5% above current market value in less than 30 days, so you can have a HUGE financial edge to secure a larger home for your family to live happily

Dear homeowner, 

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you...

You have a condo… or detached… or semi-detached… or townhouse in the Greater Toronto Area but the problem is…

  • Your family is growing and there’s simply not enough room for everyone

  • Your kids are getting on each other’s nerves all the time

  • You find yourself waiting in line for the bathroom too long in the morning

  • You can’t find a place to withdraw to when you need some peace and quiet

  • You feel cramped and less comfortable entertaining than before…

You're aware staying in your current home any longer won't do you and your family any good...

So, you really need to sell it NOW and upsize your lifestyle to a newer, bigger house where everyone can have enough space to live happily.

If that's you, then read EVERY word on this page!

Here’s WHY:

Upgrading your home can be a daunting process because you’re lining up 2 major transactions at the same time and in this changing market with high interest rates, high home prices and low inventory… 

It’s only going to be more difficult. 

I've seen many homes sitting idle for weeks or even months, even bidding wars dried up...

I've seen many homeowners selling for a lot less, and what's even worse…

I've seen many of them couldn't secure their dream house because their offer is not "that attractive" to sellers anymore...

If you want to enjoy a seamless transition into a larger home where you and your family can be fully satisfied with their needs in this current market...

Here's the minimum requirement:

You need to have an "outside-the-box" strategy to sell your home for "at least" 5% above market value in less than 30 days, so you can have a huge bargaining power to...

  • Make an attractive offer to secure your next dream home at a HUGE discount WITHOUT delay

  • Put a comfortable down payment and be mortgage-free much faster 

  • Move into a more spacious house in a better neighborhood that will better satisfy your increasingly "upscale" lifestyle

  • Live comfortably with everyone owning their personal space

  • Being able to host large get togethers that you love putting on

  • Eliminate the waiting game for the bathroom in the morning for good

  • Have one extra room that you could use for your children’s friends to come over any time or for guests to stay

  • Having specific areas to enjoy hobbies, developing a home office or business. 

But you'll NEVER achieve all those if you waste your time and money working with a realtor who…

  • Overinflates the value of your house to get you to sell. The property then ends up stale and stagnant on the market...

  • What’s worse... you might have bought another home already, so you’re locked on 2 mortgages that you can’t afford much longer

  • Makes BIG promises, yet not willing to put in the "effort" to get you the highest price.

  • Keeps ghosting you or just disappearing for good after putting up a yard sign which only makes you more stressed and anxious.

  • Never sold in a market with high interest rates and high inflation.

  • Has no idea what to do if your property gets stuck on the market.

  • Forgets some "small" details that could hamper the entire deal.

You need to work with an experienced realtor who…

  • Gives you excellent communication during the entire process, even informing you about the "hidden" cost that most people don’t understand.

  • Tells you exactly what you NEED to hear no matter how uncomfortable the situation can be.

  • Carefully plan and coordinate a smooth transition between your current home and your next home.

  • Helps you avoid losing in negotiations out of that sense of desperation.

  • Who understand selling your home is important, but also understand gaining $20,000-$100,000+ extra is more important for your upsizing journey and will put their best efforts to achieve that. 

  • Has gone through many different market cycles and has an "outside-the-box" strategy to attract the most amount of qualified buyers

  • Shop the offers around to get you the absolute best terms for your situation and get you to the closing table

In me, you shall get all that...

My Name Is Arsh Sahni

I started back in 2010 and since then I’ve helped over 200 homeowners to sell their properties in the GTA from condos, townhouses, semi-detached to detached for at least 5% above market value in less time than most people thought possible and helped them move into a home that serves their lifestyle better WITHOUT delay.

Now, I’m known by my clients as “a guy who touches any properties and turns them into gold", gold that gives them the financial edge to smoothly move into their next home at a huge discount!


Listen To Some Of My Clients' Successful Upsizing Stories In The Greater Toronto Area

How Clark was able to become mortgage free after selling his detached for $125,000 more in 5 days

Let's take Clark with his detached house at 32 Firewood Ave, Clarington - Courtice.

It was such a tough market, but I did my best to market it to my buyers. I listed it at $559,900, and still… 

Within 5 days on the market, I got it sold for $685,000.

That’s $125,100 above the original listed price or 22% above market value. Soon, Clark used all those extra proceed to purchase a 1638 feet² detached in Kitchener, instantly became mortgage-free.

How I helped Sandy got $255,000 out of her detached house in 26 days

My biggest success story so far… The downturn had started, but I still helped Sandy with her detached home at 7296 Breadfruit Lane W, Mississauga - Lisgar.

I prepared and listed it at $999,999, then marketed it to my network of affluent buyers…

Within 26 days, I sold it for $1,255,000.

That’s $255,000 extra or 25% above market value. I successfully sold it at a much higher price than my client expected in the worst environment.

Since then, Sandy was able to secure a house in London for $1,195,000 and has invested in many properties.

How a Condo Townhouse at 2484 Post Rd, Oakville, Ontario sold for $30,000 more

The outside-the-box technique that I did with this property...

I got Opeyemi (the owner) to put modern lighting in the living room and bedroom, then realistically listed it at $829,900 and Within 18 days on the market, Opeyemi got $859,000 or $30,000 over his expectations!

And we're looking to buy a detached in Hamilton within a few weeks from now.

Just Imagine...

If you could sell your home for $25,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 MORE in LESS than 30 days like these homeowners…

If you could gain a STRONGER financial position to secure your next dream home at a huge discount and transition smoothly WITHOUT renting a place or spending months house hunting...

If you could move into a more spacious home in a better neighborhood with more families and kids as your neighbors...

If you could have more room to raise your family comfortably…

If you could use the extra space for a personal office, guest to stay or family BBQ, etc...

Not only that… 

If you could use some good chunks of extra profits to do upgrades, buy furniture, have a vacation or invest into your RRSP and retire early. 

How would that make you feel… “personally”?

If that’s something you’re interested in making it a reality, then let me show you…

How To Maximize Your Sale Price Using My Exclusive Network Of Wealthy Homebuyers In Less Than 30 Days 

I have a list of over 5000 wealthy homebuyers across Canada and the globe that I’ve accumulated over my 20 years in real estate. 

These people are NOT the typical "Harry, Tom and Dick" who go to one open house after another…

These are high-net-worth homebuyers who are pre-approved and some are willing to pay FULL cash.These people begged to join my list and they are willing to pay the best price and best terms for the best properties in the GTA.

Here are the 4 steps I use to market your home to these wealthy buyers:

1. Finding the main attraction and unlocking hidden home values

I'll discover the unique angle of your home and prepare it to be the main attraction. 

I also search for potential updates that will massively increase your property value

Take this high-end property for example...

My strategy of overlooking minor problems which can be fixed, I recommended my client to spend $100,000 to update kitchen etc and the value went from $1,950,000 to $3,000,000

We’re talking about unlocking the hidden potentials that will net you $50,000, $100,000 more or even DOUBLE your property value which 95% of Toronto residents will never find out.

Another good news, my buyers would prefer to purchase a home that is very close to “move in ready” condition.

Imagine, by doing some repairs and updates, you will receive 5-8 more GREAT offers in less time than you thought possible.

2. Stage like a model 

I'll stage your home in a way to be seen as magazine-worthy. In fact, many of my listings had been featured in magazines and they always gained a lot of attention. 

My staging will give the TREMENDOUS effect of price anchoring, meaning…

When buyers walk through the front door, they will feel as they’re walking into a multi-million dollar home. 

They’ll feel the house is worth more than their current budget, but I tell them it’s actually "much, much lower". 

They will easily give you their best offers WITHOUT a second thought.

3. Drumming up an exclusive bidding war

I’ll price your property accurately based on the comparable sales data in the past 3-6 months, then I’ll intentionally price it just “slightly” below the actual price.

So when I send listing alerts to my exclusive buyers, your house will gain more attention, thus bidding war from the most qualified homebuyers. 

4. Sales and communication skills 

I have over 20 years worth of sales experience and this is what will I do:

  • When you have offers, I’ll analyze each offer and advise you on what I think would be the offer that has the best potential to close because… “What might look the best, might not be the best”

  • I’ll communicate with all parties involved about their needs and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best terms.

  • Once accepted, I’ll handle inspections, appraisals, and transfer of utilities.

  • I’ll follow up with the mover and make sure everyone is working together toward a seamless closing.

Take A Look At These Recent Testimonials:

Arsh helped us sell and find a beautiful house in the most structured manner yet customised to our requirements. He would share his own views as well which we highly appreciated given his experience in the GTA market (20+ years). He did not push us at all even when he had the opportunity to do so, instead always focusing on whether we are really happy or not, he even got $30,000 more for the sale of our property. Highly recommended!

Ankit Gupta

Arsh did an amazing job selling our property at 135 long branch unit 5, the tenants were not the best in keeping the property in a good state, Arsh and his team fixed the entire house, restored and staged it in the best shape possible and in a turning market, Arsh used his marketing and advertising skills and successfully negotiated an offer above what we wanted ($18,000 more).. we our grateful for his service and sure to recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy in the GTA.

Mohinder Virk / Gurpreet Virk

If you want a realtor that goes the extra mile and leaves all on the table in terms of selling and securing your home - look no further. With Arsh, we had a realtor who understood our needs and negotiated successfully for us. With his expertise, we were able to sell our house for the most price and now have our dream home and can look forward to enjoying it. To put things in perspective, I have dealt with other realtors before but there's the support, warmth and availability offered by Arsh that makes the difference for me

Michael Ige

Arsh is very honest, friendly and patient. We have bought and sold properties with him. He goes out of his way, above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase/ sale. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

Sandy Claire

How much is it worth to you if you can…

Sell your home for 5% above market value, then use those extra $25,000, $50,000 or even $100,000+ to make an attractive offer so you can move into a larger home in a better neighborhood at a huge discount!

  • Where you’ll be much happier because you live the life you want…

  • Where everyone can be calmer and more comfortable having their personal space

  • Where you have an extra space for a family gathering, host event or personal office…

  • Where you can use some chunks of the proceeds to do upgrades, go on a vacation, buy furniture or a car…

If that’s what you want, then it’s worth a 30 min chat with me, so click the button below to get in touch with me and let me show you how I can help you sell your home for 5% above market value in 30 days to make it all a reality for you.

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